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Tragedy hit our family shortly after I graduated from college when my dad passed away. This left my mom alone in a large 2 story home. My siblings and I all lived at least an hour away.  She longed to be closer to her grandkids. They were all busy with sports and other activities and she felt like she was missing out.


Even though I’d majored in business with a focus on Insurance in College… I was always interested in Real Estate. After speaking with my mom during this time, I decided to dive in and start my Real Estate career. 


She faced many mental and physical obstacles.  Mentally she’d have to let go of all the memories in the home.  She knew that would be hard.  She also couldn’t take all the furniture or other items with her. She’d have to let go of some physical things she loved too. She also had to get the home ready to sell.  That included making repairs that needed to be done. She worried about the cost to make repairs and paint the home.  The home needed paint, fence work along with some other repairs. These things need to be completed to get top dollar for her home.  There were unknown questions about the property tax. 


She was having trouble sleeping and focusing. She was overwhelmed just thinking of the long road ahead. I knew she didn’t even know where to start.


What she needed was a starting point to move forward.  So we made a list of what repairs needed to be completed.  Then we went from room to room making lists of what items she wanted to keep and what needed a new home. She asked all her family what cherished things they wanted. From there, the process started moving forward. 


I asked some experts about her property tax situation.  They let me know all the ways she could move forward and save money. We found some expert repair people and painters to do the physical jobs that needed doing. 


It was clear to me just how daunting this process could be. But we did it by breaking it down one step at a time. I also saw the toll that the extra expenses took on my mom throughout. I knew there had to be a way to better help my clients in this situation. 


That’s why I created my rejuvenate program.  This helps my clients receive a loan to rejuvenate their home before they sell.  It's simply paid off from the sale of your home.  This is an easy way to help sellers get more money for their home.  


In the end, we staged her home, and she got a great offer.  She was so thankful and excited to move and start her new life.    


It’s important to me that my clients feel taken care of. I don’t want you suffering sleepless nights wondering how all these things will be accomplished. With my guidance and resources, we get the job done so you can focus on what’s most important to you. Your next chapter. 

Have a great day and week! 


Robert Bittle